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New year, New Color

Each year we see new and exciting color trends for spring and summer.  
2020 is all about classic blue.  I must admit, any shade of blue speaks to me as it is known to have a calming effect on the psyche as well as symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust.  The classic blue of 2020 is all about ease and familiarity, two things that we hope to bring to you in every coverup we produce.  Timelessness and simplicity will be an overall theme for the year when it comes to fashion color trends.  This year we expect to see blue spotlighted in home decor, interior design, tech gadgets,  and accessories.  
Ceto is so excited to be launching a gorgeous shade of blue into our lineup this spring.  Our classic poncho and sarong will both be available in a beautiful blue tone.  Of course, we will still have our classic solid colors and strips so don't fret if blue isn't in your color wheel.  
Some other trendy, yet classic colors to look for this spring and summer are navy, teal, and coral.  

A few other trends we will be keeping an eye on are listed below:


Happy New Year to you all!  We can't wait to see how you pair these exciting trends with your Ceto Coverup this spring and summer.  

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