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Gifts for New Mom

Being a new mom was one of the major inspirations for the Ceto line of swimwear coverups.  I created the brand when my second child was one year old.  Our family spends a lot of time going to the beach, lake, and pool.  After having two kids, I felt that I could not find a coverup that met all the functional needs I wanted while spending the day at the beach with two toddlers.  So I created one. 
There are many items that I share with friends and family that I believe are so nice to give as a gift to a new mom that are unique and not the normal baby shower gifts.  I decided to share them with you below because while everyone is showering the new baby with clothes and necessities, sometimes the new mom needs a little something for herself. 
So dads- to- be, pay attention!

  • 1.  The Ceto poolside poncho is perfect for a new mom.  It can perform as a swimsuit coverup but can also be a nursing cover.  Ceto fabric stays cool, dries quickly if wet, is washable, and folds easily. A great gift for under $100. 
  • 2.  The Ember mug is so convenient for new moms (or dads).  You can easily set the temperature to your liking and the mug keeps your drink hot for over an hour.  No more leaving that reheated mug in the microwave multiple times every morning. 
  • 3. Lake Maternity pajamas are comfortable and functional for new moms.  A great item to pack in your hospital bag and to have at home for those first few weeks after the baby comes home. 
  • 4. A shipt grocery shopping membership is so helpful for new parents especially during those winter months when its difficult to get out and about.  Shipt or any grocery delivery membership will deliver groceries to your door so new parents can spend extra time with their newborn. 
  • 5. Ambre Essence is a body or room spray made from essential oils and is an excellent way for new parents to avoid that "baby powder smell". 
  • 6. Merry Maids gift card.  Let's be honest, anytime is a great time to have someone come help clean your house.  


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