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2020 Best beach bags!

You all know that I love a good coverup to take to the beach but how about all the other accessories that go along with it.  From hats, to bags, to sunglasses, and kids items, I love to share with you the things I find that are helpful and stylish.  

I am excited to share with you a few fun bags that I am loving this summer.  They range from $10 - $100 and each vary in style and purpose.  I hope you find this list helpful and I will be sharing more fun finds throughout the summer!! 


Beach Favorites: 

Favorite for beach

  • The mesh canvas from Amazon is $10.  It is so practical for the kid's beach toys.  It's large enough to fit a sand pale, shovel, net, sand castle kit, and more.  Easy to rinse at the end of the day and light weight for a child to carry.  
  • The Saltwater Canvas is what I call the "diaper bag" of beach bags.  It is under $25 and there are a few color options.   It's large enough to fit 4 big towels and has pockets everywhere.  With pockets both outside and inside you have plenty of room to pack snacks, drinks, sunscreen, a book, phone, and anything else you would like to bring along.  And yes, when my kids were babies, I definitely used those pockets for bottles and swim diapers.
  • The Bogg Bag is hard to find.  I suggest getting on a waitlist at a local retailer to get one of these when they re-stock.  Most stores sell out quickly but this bag is a great option for beach, pool, or boat.  It is the most expensive of the options but its waterproof, has a cooler attachment, and many additional ad ons that make this a versatile bag.  It also comes in 2 sizes and many fun colors.  They also have a matching wine tote and who doesn't need need a class of wine while on vacation?

Pool Favorites:

Pool bags

This summer I am loving my bags by Sun Jellies for the pool.  These cute totes are around $30-$40 and are completely waterproof and washable.  We use ours mostly for pool toys like dive sticks and goggles.  You can order from their website directly or find a retailer near you to order.  I used  

  • The Atomic tote is large enough for 2 towels, a book, drink, and a few toys.
  • The Retro basket is smaller and I would suggest using this one more as a purse to carry personal items.  If you are taking a break and lounging poolside alone, this tote is great for a book, water bottle, wallet, and a few smaller items.
  • The shopper is a larger size and can hold enough for your family.  Although without a shoulder strap you may want to keep it on the lighter side.    


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